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Free Residential & Commercial Pickup & Delivery in Owasso & Collinsville on Tuesdays

and Fridays. In Catoosa, Verdigris and Claremore on Fridays Only.


The process called dry cleaning is so-named because garments go in dry and come out dry. During the process however, all items are washed in a special solution which carries detergent and sizing through fabrics.


We dry clean garments and other items using the finest equipment the industry has to offer.

Your wedding gown is a beautiful reminder of your special day. It may someday be the treasured gown of your daughter or granddaughter. We can press or steam your gown and veil and deliver to your designated location. After the wedding, we can preserve your gown in an archival quality box lined with acid-free tissue paper to protect it from the elements and effects of time.

Discover how much better your laundered shirts can look and feel. Our starch formula will give your 100% cotton and polyester-blend shirts a crisp look and comfortable feel. We do our best to remove stains, then check for any missing, cracked or chipped buttons and replace them — at no additional charge!


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