Pickup &Delivery

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Your downtime shouldn't be spent on dry cleaning and laundry. We are 100% FREE pickup and delivery at your home or office. Find out if the convenience of pickup and delivery service is available in your neighborhood. Give us a call at 918-272-9950.

Buy less. Choose Well. Make it last with professional care.




Save time, save money!  Let us pick up and delivery your garments at your home or office.

Dry Cleaning Central's delivery service is Free, and runs on Tuesdays and Fridays (holidays excepted).

We provide free valet bags and offer a variety of delivery options. You don't have to be home when we return your clothes.


On Monday and Thursday evenings, around 7 P.M., you will receive a text message. It will say: Reminder: Tomorrow is your Dry Cleaning Central service day. I you need service, please reply "Yes". I you don't need service, no reply is needed. 

The message will include a link to click on if you wish. The link will take you to your personal account, which is in the cloud (no need to download an app). Click on your account link, and you can give special instructions for you pick up, take pictures of areas on garments that need special attention, update your personal information, pay for orders, update card on file information, review all the garments we have processed for you and much more.